• Welcome to HomeBeauSoot

    13 July at 12:29 from atlas

    Welcome to HomeBeauSoot.

    HomeBeauSoot is a small home-based business and my aim is to make beautiful handmade products for our homes. I am led by a love and fascination with gorgeous, unique fabric, which I can handcraft into beautiful home furnishings.

    HomeBeauSoot is a loving phrase that my now 25 year old son used when he was a toddler. Our adored labrador was named Beau and our black cat was Sooty. Whenever Mitchell was tired or had enough of whatever we were doing, and wanted to go home, he would say 'home beau soot' and home we would go. This phrase has resonated through our entire extended family and many a family member has enacted the 'home beau soot' clause during prolonged shopping excursions or during any event that they have had enough of.  And home they go.


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